People living in Arizona are used to spending time indoors in the summer, but the pandemic this past year has made a lot of couples stir-crazy. Even as things begin to reopen, individuals may still find themselves working at home in close proximity to their spouses, with no break from each other during the day. Though close quarters may cause some tension, it is often not a sign that it is time for a couple to separate.

How to know if it is time to get a divorce

Negative life events can have a bad effect on relationships, but rough patches or even a bad year do not doom a relationship. What matters is whether partners are listening to each other and working together to try to grow and make it through these difficult times. If one spouse feels that he or she is not being listened to or that he or she has to go to a friend for emotional support, this may be a sign that something is wrong in the marriage. In a good marriage, you should feel able to speak up and express yourself to your spouse.

Being on the same page

It is also important to assess whether you and your spouse still have the same set of core values and whether you are growing together as a couple. If one spouse highly values honesty, and the other person has a tendency to be untruthful, there will inevitably be conflict. If one spouse matures and the other stagnates, develops unhealthy habits, or does not contribute to the marriage, then it may be time for a divorce.

Compromise and communication

Marriage is also about compromise. If you feel like you always have to do things your partner’s way, without getting a say otherwise, ask yourself why. Have you refrained from speaking up because you have your own insecurities, or is your spouse not giving you the space to have an opinion? If there is a chance that your spouse has no idea why you are upset because you have not been communicating, have an open dialogue with your partner before consulting with a divorce attorney.