I am a forty-something former Soldier/Sailor/Marine, a veteran serviceman globetrotter. I met my wife, a South African national, while living and working in the United Kingdom. England granted us the right to marry but not the right to remain there, though I had lived there for at least a decade (she was there on a work/holiday visa). We ended up moving to South Africa but found it difficult to make ends meet so I opted for another enlistment (my third) in the military to participate in a NATO peacekeeping effort in Kosovo.

Before deployment I contacted the Baybik Law Group to enlist their aid in obtaining a visa/green card for my wife while I was overseas. I never actually visited the office or spoke to any staff member in person; all communication was via email, facsimile and phone. My wife resided in Phoenix, with a close friend, while I was in Kosovo and liaised with our attorney until my return. Once I had completed my obligation to the Army I found it hard to obtain employment so we were forced to move to New York state and live with family. We did not anticipate any issue with the visa, as I had served in three branches of the military and had become a D.A.V., but, unfortunately, there was an issue that caused our visa to be declined. Even though we were over a thousand miles away, and in a different time zone, Ms. Baybik was quick to inform us of our options, give us her experienced advice and re-file our visa request with additional support documents before the deadline had passed.

One event I remember very clearly: when we were rushing to get the last document faxed before the courier came to the office on the day of the deadline, the document made it into the courier's envelope in literally the nick of time. Our request was finally approved and we subsequently met with an immigration representative in Albany, New York who actually apologized for the original visa declination. Though I have still not met any of the Baybik staff in person I have nothing but the highest regard for them; their professionalism goes above and beyond the "call of duty" and I would recommend their services to anyone in need of immigration assistance.

– Ed Z., previous client

I am so grateful to have met Ms. Baybik in my life. She is an excellent, honest and trustworthy person who helped me to get my citizenship in a very smooth transaction. I would recommend her and, if I need to, will hire her again.

– America, previous client

I don't like lawyers, or, I didn't like lawyers until Erena. Her handling of my spouse's visa situation was exceptional. Even with us moving half way across the country the communication and coordination of information/documents was perfect. Then, when the visa was declined, and even though I am a disabled American Veteran, she quickly had our alternatives prepared and resubmitted without any further difficulty or excessive charges/fees. Quite simply she's the only lawyer I've never met (we worked with each other over the Internet & phone only; my spouse met her, not me) that I completely trust and wholeheartedly recommend.

– Edmund, previous client

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